FRP Cooling Tower Fan – Gearbox Driven

These Axial design fans are coupled to the Gearbox which is run by an Electric Motor. The 6 blades are made of Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) and hub is of Hot Dip Galvanised steel having Bolt, nut, washer of SS. The entire assembly is statically balanced for minimum vibration levels during operation.

GEARBOX MODEL : This is needed to bore the fan hub. In case, your Gearbox model is not mentioned here, place your order by selecting LATER. Later, drop in a email to inform Gearbox model / shaft details.

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Brand: Cooltech Engineers

Guarantee: 12 Months from date of commissioning / 18 Months from Despatch (whichever is earlier)

Service Life : 10 Years+

Country of Origin : India

Additional information

Fan Diameter (mm)

1524, 1829, 2134, 2438, 2743, 3048, 3353, 3658, 3963, 4267, 4877, 5487

GearBox Model

Later, Series 10P, Series 20T, Series 22.2, Series 27