Drift Eliminator for Double Flow Cooling Tower

PVC Drift Eliminator blades with spacers of PP – These drift eliminators restrict drift losses to 0.05% of the water circulated in a Cooling Tower. Blade width is 103 mm and length is variable. The PVC Drift Eliminator Blades are installed with the help of a multi-spacer in which 11 blades fit. The c-c distance of the blades is 35 mm. Each Drift Eliminator set comes with PVC blades + PP. multi spacer + Cable tie as an easy DIY installation kit.  You can select your preferred size and order online or mail us at sales@cooltechcoolingtowers.store for a Quote.


For crossflow design in double flow (louver on both sides) Cooling Tower, note :

  1.   Fill height in feet.
  2.   Number of bays, in which drift eliminators are to be changed. As per standard, each bay c-c is 4′-0.

Example : Assume your fill height is 8′-0. Total bays are 8 (see photo), but you want to change drift eliminator in only 4 bays. Then, Select ‘Fill Height’ as 8 & ‘Quantity’ as 4. Place order now.

Drift Eliminators on both the sides of the plenum area (area below the fan) will be changed. These are the best replacement for old design wooden drift eliminators.

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Brand: Cooltech Engineers
Guarantee: 12 Months from date of commissioning / 18 Months from Despatch (whichever is earlier)
Service Life : 10 Years+
Country of Origin : India

Additional information

Fill height (Feet)

12, 15, 6, 8